travel, and more travel

So, my dear friend on Florida’s husband had to have emergency open heart surgery. She called me being me to come down  there to be with I live in south of course,I go.twenty four hours after she called, I’m on an airplane heading to ft.Lauderdale. I stay a the way, her husband is doing very well now.out of icu, into a regular week later she calls again.”please, come down .I need you.”  Well of course, being the fabulous friend that I am, I’m leaving on a  plane 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 tomorrow.staying till Sunday.

Did I mention that I have a family? Yep, totally fabulous husband of twenty four years.yep, he’s a keeper.anyone who would put up with me for twenty four years is a GOOD man. Also we have two chilrens.  Twenty two year old son and an eighteen year old daughter. Both at home.  Two terrible, awful, no good,, digging,previouss dogs  Who destroy EVERYTHING, EVERY THING. BUT THEY ARE SOOOOOOO SWEET.LOVE THESE CRAZY ANIMALS. Anyhoo, leaving hubs wi th all the madness.

So. I’ll give you a report on the madness on Florida when I get back.Oh. I didn’t mention the madness in Florida.Well, let me just tell you.shear total madness.I love, love love this chick.Sheis so kind.lives in a FABULOUS home in west Palm beach.but honey, it is a give star NUTHOUSE .bless her heart she has horrific pain from a hysterectomy gone terribly wrong.and then the idiots screwed the transvaginal mesh into a nerve in her spine.this all started seven, count them SEVEN years ago.So, of course she’s on all kinds of drugs to try to relieve the pain.makes her a tad kooky…Well, really kooky sometimes. And demanding, and forgetful, and hard to deal with at times.BUT, SHE’S THE SWEETEST, KINDEST, MOST PLEASANT PERSON YOU’D EVER WANT TO MEET. most of the time.BUT every now abd then, she gets a little off. So, not the greatest trip.let’s hope things get better.her poor husband,I hope is going to go to a rehab facility when he’s released from the hospital. Because  it would be too stressful for him to come to this environment.we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.